Woman in the Attic / by Alejandro Mallado

Woman in the Attic, a stop-motion animation created by Chansoo Kim, follows an old woman's dream of confronting her younger self in the attic. The film was produced as an MFA student project for the Department of Animation and Digital Arts, University of Southern California (USC) in 2003. Animation & Sound Design: Chansoo Kim Faculty Advisor: Kathy Smith Music by Patrick Kirst Music performed by Elizabeth Peyton (Violin), Marisa Kuney (Violin), Dmitri Kourka (Viola), Jessica Catron (Cello) Recording Engineer: Andrew Turner Voice Actors: Mary Ann Springer (Little Girl), Kay Roberts (Old Woman) Foley & ADR Artists: Hsin-Ping Pan, Sam Yousefian, Jiyeon Cho Sound Mixer: Juri Hwang