HOMBRE AL AGUA, por Mateo Cabeza. Corto documental. by Alejandro Mallado

Mi amigo Mateo Cabeza, aquel que por el 2010-11 estudiaba conmigo fotografía en el Cobertura Photo, en Sevilla, ha presentado su nuevo corto en el certamen DocuExprés. Organizado por Alcances, este certamen premia al mejor corto rodado en cuatro días en lo que llaman cine urgente, y así es como Mateo rodó montó y editó esta creación que parece sacada del alma misma de Cádiz. En su canal de Vimeo encontraréis algunas de sus producciones, que ya muestran la evolución de un tipo con sensibilidad y grandes ideas al que sigo con muchísimo interés. En mi bog ya he compartido algunas de ellas, como Creamlapse. A ver si consigo traérmelo alguna vez a Chicago, a ver qué sale.

"Him & Her". A love story told through the viewfinder of a Hasselblad. by Alejandro Mallado

Him & Her is a romantic short story about a chance encounter in the picturesque capital city of Malta. The film, all told from the perspective of a camera viewfinder starts off with Him, a man wondering in the beautiful streets. He catches a glimpse of Her, a young woman who sets Him onto an adventurous journey in the heart of Valletta. Nominated for best short film at the VFF. Winner of best music video at the Castellaneta Film Festival.

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What Happens When You Mix A High Speed Camera And A High Speed Robot? by Alejandro Mallado

What would you do if you had a couple of days with the Bolt High Speed Cinebot and a Phantom flex 4K camera capable of shooting at 1,000 Frames per second? The creative geniuses at Forsberg and Stiller Studios tried everything they could think of and we think the results are rather spectacular. Flames, water, smoke, and champagne – Covering all aspects of shooting, from action & adventure, to fashion, sports and gourmet, lots of different things were shot – and kicked, dropped, cracked, burned, exploded, cut, cooked, hit, splashed and all with great hilarity.

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The shortest shooting ever: Unconditional Rebel - Siska by Alejandro Mallado

The shortest shooting ever.

Written & directed by Guillaume Panariello
Cinematography by Thomas Rames
Visual effect by Benoit Maffone (La Planète Rouge)
Produced by VLB Recordings & La Planete Rouge :
Music by siska :

This is a real video performance, a slow motion video, a sequence map with a traveling in front of 80 extras placed on 80 meters along a little road, lost in an industrial area. Filmed at 1000 frames/second with a Phantom flex 4k from a car driven at 50km/h, the shooting took 5 seconds for a 3'30 video: a living and dreamlike mural.

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The 4 Guys Who Have Photographed Every Super Bowl by Alejandro Mallado

“Keepers of the Streak” is directed by sports photographer Neil Leifer and chronicles the decades-long journey of veteran shooters John Biever, Walter Iooss, Mickey Palmer and Tony Tomsic. The four have captured football’s biggest game for almost 50 years and counting.

“Having spent a good portion of my life on the sidelines photographing NFL football, nobody can appreciate more than I just how incredible this streak is,” said Leifer. “Making this film was truly a labor of love for me as I have known these photographers for at least 50 years and understand how difficult it is to have accomplished what they have done and continue to do.”

Connor Schell, VP and Executive Producer, ESPN Films and Original Content said: “Neil was the perfect director for “Keepers of the Streak” as he is one of the legendary sports photographers of all time and we are thrilled to have worked with him on this project.”

Keepers of The Streak
Produced & Directed by Neil Leifer
Produced by Daniel Cohen
Director of Photography - Peter Franchella
Editor - Anne Fratto
Music - Brian Keane
Narrator - Kevin Conway

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