Interviews on board El Galeón!! by Alejandro Mallado

D'you know that? I'm famous!! 

Here the Flagler Communication Team setting and testing for my interview:


And here is Paco breaking hearts:


And finally, Guillermo 'Blue Eyes' at the Nao Victoria's whipstaff:


I'll post the whole interview as soon as I can. 

Drake´s Raid 2014 - Saint Augustine, Florida by Alejandro Mallado

428 years ago on June 6th, 1586 twenty-three ships approached the harbor of the Spanish colonial city of St. Augustine with 2000 Englishmen under the command of Sir Francis Drake. A day after making sight of the harbor, 1000 of these men, led by Captain Christopher Carlile, would land on Anastasia Island to mount cannons opposite the Spanish wooden fort – located on what is now the Fountain of Youth Park – and begin to duel with the Spanish forces there. 300 Spanish would abandon the fort during the night and with daylight approaching on the morning on the 8th the English crossed Matanzas Bay, taking the fortification and proceeding to drive the Spanish rear guard from the city of St. Augustine. More info at: