Gallery: PISADAS, by Olga Pericet, at New York Flamenco Festival 2017 by Alejandro Mallado

Pisadas, a new show starring Olga Pericet that explores the origins and rituals of human life with a daring feminist slant. “A mercurial presence and a fearless experimenter” (The New Yorker), Pericet has created a visual and choreographic language that uniquely reflects her own personal journey.

GALA FLAMENCA: New York Flamenco Festival 2017 at New York City Center by Alejandro Mallado

This all-star event, directed by Manuel Liñan, features today’s most exciting artists, including legendary Gypsy dancer Juana Amaya, technical powerhouse Jesús Carmona, contemporary innovator Patricia Guerrero, flamenco star Olga Pericet, and singer-songwriter Rocío Márquez. Their disparate styles merge in an evening inspired by the cafés cantantes of Spain’s belle époque, when flamenco first became a public art.