Interviews on board El Galeón!! by Alejandro Mallado

D'you know that? I'm famous!! 

Here the Flagler Communication Team setting and testing for my interview:


And here is Paco breaking hearts:


And finally, Guillermo 'Blue Eyes' at the Nao Victoria's whipstaff:


I'll post the whole interview as soon as I can. 

Nao Victoria at Fort Myers, first impressions. by Alejandro Mallado

IMG_2473 In the southwest of the peninsula of Florida, a resort of the highest, is docked the Nao Victoria from February 11 to the public with open decks. Since then, hundreds of tourists and natives of Fort Myers have come to discover the living history of a charged experience and adventure promises ship. We passed a very short winter finally in Saint Augustine and return to the more american summer. Convertibles, Harley-Davidsons, people walking in swimsuit and much, much atmosphere in the bars and restaurants. We're about to attend the beginning of the season and what looked like a city full of retired people gradually transformed into a postcard we film in true California style. Colorful buildings and beaches, miles of white sand beaches. Palm trees and live music on every corner. Heat gripping each day a little more, too, and much sympathy wherever you go. The city has welcomed us with warmth and hospitality, and surprising to find so curious about our trip while much knowledge of Magellan and his being so far from home. If experience teaches us anything it is that we really are all connected, if not by the story itself by the desire to learn . Germans, Canadians, Russians, Mexicans, English... visitors from all over the world have come to know and put that familiar face of excitement listening to what we do and what our ancestors achieved in that first around the world journey.


We remember fondly the day of presentation, with an emotional ceremony where we had a small military parade from and live american hymn sung awesomely and even a live band playing, among others, the song of Indiana Jones. These Americans, once again, amazing, never boring. Our captain, Rosario, and our head of logistics, Ulises, represented the Nao Victoria Foundation at the time of collecting the city and the Air, Sea & Space Foundation flags. The crowd in Nervous Nellies restaurant, exerting as our host, attending the show.

We are three weeks ahead here in Fort Myers Beach, before heading to Tampa. Continue enjoying the wonderful people of Florida, its white sand beaches in our days, and pride to convey what it meant victory in the history of mankind. It's 8 in the morning here and boats, pelicans, ospreys and fishing boats greet us on marching in search of shrimp. A brief fog begins to dissipate and crew stretches with good humor and, as always, hard work. Another coffee, starting the day. The Victoria open.